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Other Corporate Governance

Continuous Disclosure

As a listed entity, the Company has an obligation under the Listing Rules to maintain an informed market with respect to its securities. Accordingly, we keep the market advised of all information required to be disclosed under the Rules which we believe would have material affect on the price or value of the Company’s securities.

In addition to the Half Yearly and Annual reporting requirements, there is a constant stream of information being provided to the Stock Exchange. Of particular note, is the disclosure after each month-end of the Company’s Net Asset Backing per Share. This is also disclosed at other times if a material change in value has occurred. All important Stock Exchange announcements are also posted to the Company’s website.

Continuous Disclosure Policy

Risk Management

The Risk Management Policy and Framework adopted by the Company is attached below.  The aim of this policy is to provide clear guidelines on the management of risks to enable the achievement of strategic and operational objectives.  It aims to cover all material risks that the entity faces. It is to be adhered to by all employees and Board members and, where relevant, contractors and consultants.  The risk management methodology adopted by the Company is based on the AS / NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines.   

The Board is assisted in its Risk Management Activities by the Audit Committee. Co-ordination of Risk Management activities is done by the CFO, who reports to the Audit Committee on such matters.

There are two main areas of risk that have been identified :

  • Investment Risk
  • Operational Risk

Risk Management Framework

Remuneration of Directors

The constitution of Djerriwarrh requires approval by the shareholders in general meeting of a maximum amount of remuneration to be allocated between non-executive directors as they determine. In proposing the maximum amount for consideration in general meeting, and in determining the allocation, the board takes account of the time demands made on directors, together with such factors as the general level of fees paid to Australian corporate directors.


Whistleblower Protection Policy  

The Company has adopted a Whistleblower Protection Policy which sets out a formal framework within which individuals are able, in a secure way, to express their genuine concerns about misconduct, an improper state of affairs or circumstances, unlawful behaviour or breaches of policy, free from the threat of victimisation or reprisal and on the understanding that their concerns will be investigated and that, where appropriate, action will be taken to redress the situation. 


Whistleblower Protection Policy