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List of Investments

Investments included in the Djerriwarrh’s portfolio are selected for their profitability and long-term growth prospects.

At the same time we concentrate on stocks where there is an active options market. This is intended to give scope for the writing of predominantly exchange traded options with the level of the portfolio ‘covered’ by call options typically ranging between 20 to 50 per cent of the total portfolio at any one time.

A list of Djerriwarrh’s 20 largest holdings as at 28 February 2019 is set out in the following table.  

Top 20 Investments – Ordinary Securities  

Valued at closing prices at 28 February 2019
Total Value
$ million
1 CBA* Commonwealth Bank of Australia 62.9
2 WBC* Westpac Banking Corporation 54.7
3 BHP* BHP 54.3
NAB* National Australia Bank 39.4
5 ANZ* Australia & New Zealand Banking Group


MQG* Macquarie Group
WOW* Woolworths Group 23.7
9 BXB* Brambles 20.2
10 SYD* Sydney Airport


11 WPL* Woodside Petroleum 18.6
12 TCL* Transurban Group 18.4
13 AMC* Amcor
14 OSH* Oil Search 15.3
TLS* Telstra Corporation 14.6
16 JHX*
James Hardie Industries 13.9
17 ALX*
Atlas Arteria 13.0
18 SUN* Suncorp Group 10.9
19 RIO* Rio Tinto 10.9
20 SHL*
Sonic Healthcare 10.8

Total Portfolio Value


As % of Total Portfolio Value
(Excludes Cash)


*Indicates that options were outstanding against part or all of the holding

Djerriwarrh participated in the recent off market share buy back by Rio Tinto.  Therefore there was a significant reduction in the Rio Tinto holding when compared to the holding at 31 October 2018.  As a result it is not currently in the Top 20 holdings.

Note: Options
As part of our activities, the Company sells call options and put options. We may sell call options, but only against part or all of particular securities held by the Company. Put options are sold as an opportunity to acquire stock at advantageous prices. We have cash or undrawn banking facilities available to buy the underlying securities if all puts are exercised.